ASI11 - Conference Schedule

All panels take place at Beit Maiersdorf, accept for those listed under Media 32 or if listed otherwise.


Tuesday, May 24

  501 405 505 Beit Maiersdorf Loby Media 32
10:30     Rhetoric as a Political Tool in Early China: General Observations    
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Jews and Dalits in India Linguistic Game Plays for Hindi Lessons Rhetoric in the texts of the Warring States Go (game) Lecture and Demonstration  
16:00 Korean Quiz Finals (Auditorium 2011, Rabin Building)
16:30 Jews of Central Asia in the 20th Century: History, Economy and Identity Issues in Modern India Téchne rhetoriké in early China    


Monday, May 23 - Pre-Conference Event

Methodological Seminar for Graduate Students: Doing Fieldwork in East Asia

  Truman Institute
09:30 Panel A: Society and Culture
11:30 Panel B: Business and Pleasure
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Panel C: Fieldwork in Comparative Perspective