All panels take place at Beit Maiersdorf, accept for those listed under Media 32 or if listed otherwise.


Tuesday, May 24

  501 405 505 Beit Maiersdorf Loby Media 32
10:30     Rhetoric as a Political Tool in Early China: General Observations    
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Jews and Dalits in India Linguistic Game Plays for Hindi Lessons Rhetoric in the texts of the Warring States Go (game) Lecture and Demonstration  
16:00 Korean Quiz Finals (Auditorium 2011, Rabin Building)
16:30 Jews of Central Asia in the 20th Century: History, Economy and Identity Issues in Modern India Téchne rhetoriké in early China    


Monday, May 23 - Pre-Conference Event

Methodological Seminar for Graduate Students: Doing Fieldwork in East Asia

  Truman Institute
09:30 Panel A: Society and Culture
11:30 Panel B: Business and Pleasure
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Panel C: Fieldwork in Comparative Perspective