Sino-Japanese Relations


AB1 - Sino-Japanese Intellectual Exchange in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Thursday, 9:00-11:00, 502

  • Fogel, Joshua (York University, Toronto) On the Authenticity of the 'Gold Seal' from the Han Dynasty: Japanese Debates in the Late-18th and early 19th Centuries
  • Frumer, Yulia (Princeton University) Chinese Kepler in Japanese Sky: The Role of Chinese Writings in Eighteenth Century Japanese Astronomy
  • Sela, Ori (Princeton University and Tel Aviv University) Dai Zhen and Ito Jinsai: The Plagiarism Debate Contextualized
  • Chair: Shillony, Ben-Ami (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)


AB2 - China and Japan at War (1937-1945): New Perspectives

Thursday, 11:30-13:00, 502

  • Martin, Bernd (University of Freiburg) The Influence of German Military Advisers on the Chinese Defence Efforts Against the Japanese 1937/38
  • Zhu, Pingchao (University of Idaho) International Features of Guilin's Wartime Culture, 1937-1944
  • Mizuno, Norihito (Akita International University) A Perspective on Modern Sino-Japanese Relations: A Study of the Japanese Elementary School in Pre-1945 Beijing
  • Chair: Aron, Shai (Tel-Aviv University)