Modern China


A1 - Issues in Chinese History and Society

Wednesday, 14:00-16:00, 403

A1 - סוגיות בהיסטוריה ובחברה הסינית

  • Israeli, Raphi (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Franco-British Collaboration in Looting Chinese Vessels in the Era of the Opium War
  • Isay, Gad C. (University of Haifa) Religion and Centrality: The Element of Centrality in Chinese Philosophy and Religion
  • Gorin, Nily (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Bound Feet Crossing Boundaries: Chinese Labor Migration to Israel from a Gender Perspective
  • Elazar, Gideon (University of Haifa) Missionaries Chinese converts and Minorities in Yunnan: Religion, Ethnicity and State Control in a Globalized China
  • Chair: Baranovitch, Nimrod (University of Haifa)
  • ישראלי, רפי (האוניברסיטה העברית) ש"פ אנגלו-צרפתי בהחרמת שלל סיני ימי במימי סין לאחר נלחמת האופיום
  • ישי, גדי (אוניברסיטת חיפה) דת ומרכזיות: המרכזיות בפילוסופיה ובדתיות הסינית
  • גורין, נילי (האוניברסיטה העברית)המדינה, המעכאר ומהגרות עבודה: הגירת עבודה מסין לישראל מנקודת מבט מגדרית
  • אלעזר, גדעון (אוניברסיטת חיפה)מיסיונרים, מומרים סינים ומיעוטים ביונאן: דת, אתניות ופיקוח בסין הגלובלית
  • יו"ר: ברנוביץ', נמרוד (אוניברסיטת חיפה)


A2 - Culture, Nation, and Identity in Twentieth Century China

Wednesday, 16:30-18:30, 501

  • Schwarcz, Vera (Wesleyan University) Chen Yinke (1890-1969): Poetry and the Moral Conscience of a Historian in Murderous Times
  • Rahav, Shakhar (University of Haifa) Struggling over porridge: Wang Meng and Literary Dissent in Late 20th Century China
  • Judge, Joan (York University, Toronto) The Courtesan's Other: Visibility, Sexuality, and the Republican Lady in Early Twentieth Century China
  • Chair: Shahar, Meir (Tel-Aviv University)


A3 - Challenges for the Chinese economy in the early 21st century

Thursday, 9:00-11:00, 501

  • Hardiman, Richard (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Coal or not to coal… China's energy Scenario 2010-2050
  • Ebenstein, Avi (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Demographic Challenges in China's Immediate Future
  • Barak, Reut (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and SOAS) What does being the second biggest world economy mean to the Chinese people?
  • Ying, Chen (China Academy of Social Sciences) China's climate change mitigation: policies and positions
  • Chair: Yafeh, Yishay (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)


A4 - Army and Security in Today's China (in memory of Ellis Joffe)

Thursday, 11:30-13:00, 501

  • Bitzinger, Richard A. (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) China's Defense Technology and Industrial Base in a Regional Context: Arms Manufacturing in Asia
  • Yang, Andrew N. (National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung) Current PLA force buildup and Taiwan's preparedness & response
  • Evron, Yoram (University of Haifa) From Technological development to Military Buildup in the Chinese Military
  • Lee, Itamar Y. (Global Studies Institute in Hong Kong) A New Strategic Wing of the Dragon: Chinese Evolving Policy towards Central Asia and Shifting Strategic Perceptions of U.S. Military Presence
  • Chair: Shichor, Yitzhak (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and University of Haifa)


A5 - China Faces the World: the 21st Century

Thursday, 14:30-16:30, 501

  • Shichor, Yitzhak (University of Haifa and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Recognition as a Crucial Element in Great Power Identity: China
  • Zhang, Junhua (Zhejiang University) Perception of global politics among Chinese intellectuals
  • Propper, Eyal (University of Haifa) China's role in international organizations: a new superpower model?
  • Chair: Shagrir, Hagai (MOFA)