Sabbath (Saturday) in Jerusalem

Guests who visit Jerusalem for the first time may be surprised by the quietness of the Jewish parts of the city on Sabbath (which starts before the sunset on Friday and ends after the sunset on Saturday). During these 25-26 hours there is no public transportation; shops and most of the restaurants in the Jewish areas are closed; and the university campus is also largely abandoned from Friday 14:00 to Sunday morning (there is only one special entrance/exit for the occupants of Beit Maiersdorf Hotel). Luckily for the tourists, Arab areas of Jerusalem (which are very close to the Mt Scopus campus) provide a solution both in terms of public transportation and for shopping/eating. Below are some tips.

If you want to buy food or beverages to keep in your hotel room, please do by Friday noon. Otherwise, there are small Arab shops on the Lehi Street and on Clermon Gano Str quite near the Dan Jerusalem hotel (see City Map)

For those guests who join our guided tours to Masada/Dead Sea on Friday, 27.5 and to the Old City of Jerusalem on Saturday, 28.5: before the bus brings you back to the hotel it will stop at a nice Arab restaurant for a dinner. Please kindly notice that Beit Maiersdorf Faculty Club does not normally serve meals on Friday/Saturday.

Guests who do not join the tours can get to the Old City either by taxi, or by an Arab bus (a green bus #1 runs from the village of Issawiya to the Damascus Gate of the Old City; it stops on Katzir Str., a few m from the Dan Jerusalem Hotel; 5 NIS per ride). You can also walk either to Mt of Olives (approximately 20 min from Dan Jerusalem Hotel, 10 min from Beit Maiersdorf), or even to the Old City itself (30-40 min walk to Damascus Gate). There you can find plenty of shops, restaurants and of course some of the most fascinating tourist sites!

You are welcome also to observe the Sabbath at the Jewish orthodox religious neighborhood of Beit Israel or Mea Shaarim, just 20-30 min walk from your hotels. Please be aware though that visiting those areas requires modest dress, especially for women. Also, you are not allowed to take photos there during the Sabbath.

Please consult the staff at your hotel as for further possibilities re transportation, dining and shopping.


We hope you will enjoy this unique experience and apologize for possible inconvenience.